Hourly Planning Fee


Maximum of 12 hours per year

This option is available for help on the following topics:

  • Social Security decisions
  • Budgeting/debt management
  • Mortgage payment decisions
  • Major purchase decisions (e.g., lease vs. buy)









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Complete Financial Plan

$2500 to start

May increase depending on complexity

Are you now in the thick of a fantastic career? Are you tracking toward the retirement you want? Are you overwhelmed by the extreme amount of financial advice and tools out there? This plan will help filter out the noise and customize a solution that is best suited for you and your goals.

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Assets Under Management

My Advisor Fee is:





$3,000,000 +

Good financial advice is attainable for all, regardless of assets.

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Are you ready to build a stable financial house for you and your family? Let’s get started…

Introductory Chat 15-20 minutes

Do we like each other? Can we work together? Can I provide what you are looking for? All questions that must be answered before we go any further. This is complimentary.

Big Picture 60 minutes

What are your goals? What does the ideal picture of your life look like in three years? Five years? Ten Years? Are you ready to start working toward those goals?

Zoom In 60 minutes

What are assets already accumulated? What are the benefit packages at work? Are you pleased with current investments? Are you and your partner on the same page with what goals and savings should be ideally? Do you have tools in place to optimize your money strengths, and minimize your weaknesses?

Outline 60 minutes

Do these ideas sound doable? Is this a plan you can get excited about?

Get Started 60 minutes

Let’s implement these ideas and build your secure financial house!

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