About Scarlett


About Scarlett

Wife. Dog mom. Numbers nerd. Outdoor and critter lover.

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Scarlett Vogel-Ham Financial Advisor

I started my business in 2007, so the financial crisis was my “on the job” training. It really shaped how I plan. Another crisis is affecting us now. Just as financial markets change, the quarantine has forced us to alter how we communicate. Instead of face to face visits, online meetings are the norm. I was skeptical at first, like many of you. The challenge is to make online communication easy, comfortable, and efficient for myself, and my clients.

I love what I do, I get to solve financial puzzles and help people. I have become addicted to the moment when a client realizes they have the funds to move forward in their dream.

Personal Bio

I am married to the greatest partner a human could ever ask for. My husband, Sheldon and I, have been together for a long time now. We were fortunate to meet young. He is my best friend, the funniest man I know, my biggest supporter, and best adventure partner. We have a small piece of land we really love in rural Arizona and surround ourselves with four legged and feathered critters. When not working I love being outdoors, hiking with my pups, seeing friends and family, reading, baking, and gardening.

Full Moon Financial Scarlett Vogel-Ham Financial Advisor With Her Husband And Two Dogs

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